To Get Ahead You Need to Ask: “Can I learn more?”

There’s a real shortage of capable warehouse workers facing the industry.  There are any number of reasons for this.  Let’s explore a couple of them in this, and subsequent, posts.

A Stepping Stone Job?

Some see their time on the warehouse floor as merely paying their dues. A source of income to pay the bills while working toward one’s “real” career.  Which is fine.  After all, part-time and seasonal workers play an important role in helping distributors meet their goals during the peak seasons.

But what about those who could just as easily make a career out of it?  How do you begin; and more importantly – how do you progress? Here’s an informative video that introduced what working in a warehouse is all about.  The video features a worker who has progressed through an entry-level picking position to a more prominent position within the company.  What’s the secret?

Getting Ahead

You’re looking for someone who is going to turn up, reliable, good work ethic and they want to learn as well. Someone who is going to put their hands up and ask – ‘Can I learn more?’. Rather than one who is going to just sit back and carry on as one in a flock of sheep. You’ve got to stand out if you want to get ahead.”

Distribution industry careers can be very rewarding. But in order to get ahead one must be willing to put in the time. Reliability and eagerness to learn are key attributes to getting ahead.  Its true that showing up is half the battle – the other half depends on what you are willing to put in to it.

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