Every order you ship is important — to both your customer and your business. Your success relies on on-time delivery, accurate carrier rating, routing, documentation and tracking.

FASCOR’s Transportation Management System (TMS) – FASCOR TMS – is an easy-to-use and affordable solution that will automate outbound shipping operations.

FASCOR TMS  is a multi-carrier manifesting solution that reduces freight cost, enables advanced functionality with integration into
FASCOR WMS and streamlines outbound order processing.

FASCOR TMS is a fully integrated transportation and parcel management solution that enables:

Maximum Productivity & Efficiency

Improved Visibility & Customer Service

Rate & Date Shopping in Real-Time

EDI integrations

Advanced Cartonization Logic

Better Adherence to Routing Guides

Drop Ship & DC Bypass

Consolidated Shipments

Deliver The Right Product, On Time, The First Time

FASCOR TMS Features & Functionality 

Competing successfully in today’s ever-changing marketplace requires companies to achieve strategic advantages over their competition. One key approach is for companies to improve their logistics and distribution capabilities, resulting in improved customer service and better control over inventory, transportation, and order-sourcing costs.

FASCOR TMS is a fully certified carrier compliant solution supporting Multi-Carrier Shipping for small parcel carriers including UPS, FedEx & USPS. The software also provides certified shipping automation for LTL (Less Than Load), TL (Truck Load) and Private Fleet carriers and shipping solutions for Transportation Planning and Manifesting.

FASCOR TMS is one highly-effective solution to empower a flawless supply chain execution from dock door to front door.

Companies using FASCOR TMS benefit from many features and functions across their end-to-end supply chains, such as;

  • Small parcel management
  • LTL management
  • Manifest & Reporting
  • Rating and Rate Shopping
  • Pricing and freight costing
  • EDI interface support
  • API for integration to other systems
  • System “Ship To” Address Book
  • System user management & security
  • Advanced Shipment E-mail Notification
  • Web Enabled Desktop Shipping and Inquiry
  • Rate Shopping with Least Cost Carrier Selection  Cleansing using CASS certified database
  • Multi-Tier Discounting with “Preferred Carrier” logic and selection
  • Carrier In-Transit Data
  • Pack And Hold
  • User definable Carrier Service Groups
  • Carrier Labels for Zebra and Laser printers
  • International Documentation
  • Carrier Shipping Manifests
  • VICS Bill of Lading
  • Standard & Custom Reports (PDF)
  • COD, AOD, Hazardous Materials
  • In-Line Manifesting and Sortation
  • Bulk Batch Processing
  • Delivery Confirmation Auto Tracking (Auto Track)
  • Dim Weight Management for Parcel
  • Integrated Volumetrics – Cubiscan & Scale Ready
  • User configuration management tools (location Manager, Discount Manager, more)
  • Integrated LTL processing with unlimited tariff support (SMC Rateware)
  • Inquiry & Search Application for advanced query and data exporting needs
  • Optional Address Verification and Cleansing using CASS certified database
  • Multi-Tier Discounting with “Preferred Carrier” logic and selection
  • Nationwide Technical Support Available including 7×24 plans.





To deliver on all your supply chain execution needs 


Competing successfully in today’s ever-changing marketplace requires companies to achieve strategic advantages over their competition. One key approach is for companies to improve their logistics and distribution capabilities, resulting in improved customer service and better control over inventory, transportation and order-sourcing costs.

FASCOR TMS was developed with this approach in mind. FASCOR TMS is a proven transportation management system for today’s demanding business applications, enabling companies to ship customer orders quickly, easily and with 100% accuracy.

Cost control
Cost control through carrier rating (UPS, FedEx, USPS, LTL Carriers and others). Maximize carrier available discounting through centralized submission and shipment consolidation.
Rate Shopping
Rate Shopping – All rating options available for Pre-Routing and Pre- Planning of shipments and final processing of shipments through TMS API’s
Track & Trace
Track & Trace – Integrated shipment tracking with links to many carriers.
Carrier compliance
Carrier compliance for rating, labeling and EDI & reporting requirements. Users can depend on FASCOR TMS for compliant shipment labeling, documentation and end-of-day electronic communication with any respective carriers.
Delivery Management
Delivery Management to ensure customer time commitments (system managed “In Transit Time” functionality). Business Rules Manager allows users to create and deploy shipping related rules as needed.
Dim-Weight Optimization
Dim-Weight Optimization – Advance functions including WMS Box Building, SKU Picking and other functions resulting from WMS-TMS Integration




Advanced Cartonization

Flexible, Powerful & Real Solutions for Transportation Management

FASCOR solutions are engineered to evolve and scale with you, adapting to support future growth and expansion of facilities and systems. FASCOR TMS offers an unmatched set of communication and integration options to meet virtually any challenge.

Using today’s state-of-the-art development technologies including wireless mobile options, FASCOR TMS operates on Microsoft’s Windows family of operating systems and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as its database manager to ensure a powerful, reliable, secure platform for users.


Modular System Design & Flexible Architecture

Our flexible, yet structured system architecture is what makes all the difference.


Seamless Integration

Full integration for order entry requirements including, pre-routing, rate shopping based on cost and in-transit times, carrier delivery confirmation data and customer service needs

Real-Time Information

COM, XML, TCP-IP, ODBC and simple file transfers are all available to create seamless, real-time bridges to other internal systems regardless of their platform or purpose. If a requirement stretches the standard capabilities, FASCOR’s Professional Service Team can build a custom interface based on client requirements.


FASCOR TMS can be configured as a stand-alone, multi-station, networked, or unattended system – from a single location to enterprise requirements using Windows Terminal Services, TMS can meet the needs of a wide-variety of technical environments.


Ensures carrier compliance & eliminates carrier charge-backs while facilitating best and least cost selection of services through Rate Shopping.

One System for all Your Modes

Multi-carrier shipping systems mean one system for multiple carriers to simplify the shipping process and deliver maximum resource utilization

External Connectivity

Advanced Application Programming Interfaces (EEAPI) allows FASCOR TMS to be fully integrated with other business systems including ERP and Warehouse Management. Also allows for Built in tools to improve customer support through online shipment information

SQL Server Power

Our SQL DB allows us to avoid custom code modifications and to configure our system to your business logic instead of modifying the source code. This means lower TCO, faster implementation, and less risk for you


N-Tier Architecture provides a highly scalable solution capable of supporting an unlimited number of locations and user

Easy to Use – Robust Reporting

Using Crystal Reports™ Web browser delivers a variety of reporting and inquiry tools to enable system users, including customers, to access & leverage a wealth of data. This includes a robust query building tool that allows users to find exactly the set of data they need, all of which can be exported in standard file formats like Excel (CSV).

The Bottom Line

Whether you ship 50 packages a day or 50,000, TMS from FASCOR can reduce your cost, and improve your operations. FASCOR TMS has helped hundreds of businesses to reduce freight costs, increase productivity within your distribution center, improve customer satisfaction, maximize asset and resource utilization to ultimately improve profitability and positively impact the bottom-line.

Contact FASCOR today and find out how our Transportation Management System and Shipping Solutions, featuring multi-carrier shipping systems, can create a strategic supply chain advantage for your company.



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