A comprehensive, Tier 1 Warehouse Management System (WMS) can help you gain control of warehousing, inventory and distribution processes to eliminate errors, automate order processing, accurately manage inventory, save valuable resources and deliver the right product on time, the first time.

FASCOR WMS takes the chaos out of day-to-day operations, empowers faster processing of orders, provides real-time visibility and creates the efficiency needed to streamline processes while also controlling costs.

If you’re still relying on manual or paper-based processes, or limited software with basic functionality, it’s time to take your operations to the next level with the FASCOR WMS.

FASCOR WMS is a fully integrated warehouse management and supply chain execution solution that enables our customers to:

Accelerate Productivity

Access Information in Real-Time

Gain Control of All Warehousing Functions

Eliminate Manual & Paper-Based Processes

Reduce Costly Errors & Improve Accuracy

Optimize Asset & Labor Utilization

Integrate Operations into ERP Systems

Automate Inventory & Order Processing

Deliver The Right Product, On Time, The First Time

Robust, Tier-1 WMS Functionality

Our flagship warehouse management system – FASCOR WMS – improves virtually every area of your warehouse, increases productivity, improves your bottom-line and elevates the level of service you’re able to provide to your customers. 

FASCOR WMS is engineered and developed to control costs, improve inventory accuracy and availability of material while enhancing personnel productivity, resource scheduling and customer service. FASCOR WMS offers an industry-leading, feature-rich set of warehouse operational capabilities and functionalities to deliver state-of-the-art inventory control and improved material flow and throughput end-to-end for companies of all sizes.

FASCOR WMS is one highly-effective solution to empower a flawless supply chain execution from dock door to front door.

Companies using FASCOR WMS benefit from many features and functions across their end-to-end
supply chains, such as;

• Inbound shipment tracking
• Inbound dock management
• Inbound trailer and yard management
• Receiving from PO, ASN, Vendor
• Directed, Manual or Semi-Directed Put-a-way
• Location Management
• Slotting
• Material identification, Item Alias & License Plates
• Barcode & Label Management
• Moveable Unit Operations
• Receiving document support
• Customizable mobile & Automated data capture
• Returns Management & Authorization Support – customer & production
• RMA Receiving
• SOP Returns
• Site Transfers – In & Out
• Bin Transfers
• Cross-docking
• Raw Material Inventory Management
• Finished Goods Inventory Management
• Bill of Materials (BOM) Support
• Receipt from MFG Receiving – Standard Integration Point
• Real-time Inventory Status
• MFG Work Order Management
• Directed Inventory Moves to Work Cells
• Restocking
• Kitting – Completion, Teardown, Components
  • Labor Utilization & Performance Reporting
  • Dynamic Workflow Assignment
  • Task Interleaving
  • Discrete Travel Calculation
  • Task Management
  • Directed Move Requests
  • Order Processing & Entry
  • Pick & Pack Support
  • Order Consolidation
  • Physical Inventory & Audit Support
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory to Order Allocations
  • Order Allocation Postponement
  • Inventory Availability & Inquiries
  • Back Order Management
  • Hot, Top Off, Bulk Replenishment
  • Kitting & Component Value-added Services
  • Product Lifecycle Management & Tracking
  • Lot control, Serial Number, Manufacturing Date, Expiry Dating, Shelf-life, QC Hold & Release Inventory Status
  • Dynamic Pick Assignment Based on Capacity & Resource Availability
  • Advanced Picking Methodologies
    • Single & Multi Order
    • Voice Picking
    • Zone Picking
    • Wave Picking
    • SKU Picking
    • Batch Picking
    • Bulk
    • Narrow Aisle Pick
    • Pick & Pass
    • Cart-based picking
    • Pick-to-Box / Pick-To-Carton
  • Rules-based, System-Directed Picking
    • FEFO, LIFO, LEFO, Pick to Clean, Pick to Efficiency
  • Real-Time Inventory Availability & Visibility
  • Handheld Label Printing / Print & Apply
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Documentation & Labeling
    • Big Box Requirements
    • UCC 128
    • BOL
    • Export
    • HazMat
  • Custom Labeling & Pack Slips
  • ASN/EDI Integrations
  • Omnichannel Order Fulfillment
  • Wave Planning
  • Shipment Task Management
  • Load Planning & Execution
  • Shipment Out Prioritization
  • Shipment Drop Sequences
  • Shipment Creations to Amazon
  • Pick Release Staging
  • Pallet/Manifest/Load Building
  •  Outbound Dock Management
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Staging Location Assignment
    • Dock Door Scheduling
  • Outbound Trailer & Yard Management
  • Quality Check for Boxes
  • Advanced Cartonization Logic
  • Box-Building, Cubing
  • Dim Weight Management for Parcel
  • Volumetrics – Cubiscan & Scale Integrations
  • Load Verification & Management
    • TL & Multi-Stop
  • Carrier Compliant Labeling
  • RFID Compliance
  • Integrated Shipping Execution – Parcel, LTI., Rate-Shopping
  • Manifesting & Transportation Planning
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To Fulfill All Your Supplychain Execution Needs


Today’s business environments are demanding for companies in the distribution and manufacturing sectors. To compete requires technology solutions that are proven, field-tested and feature-rich in functionality.

While the WMS market is saturated with options, clear differentiation still remains across the market in terms of usability, flexibility, intelligence provided and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

FASCOR systems have gained client and industry recognition for our ability to deliver on client’s expectations by providing successful mission-critical software solutions that are easy to use, fast to implement, and provides exceptional ROI.

Ease of Use
If you’re using paper-based manual processes which are error-prone, your labor is probably at a premium and your turnover rate is probably high. Getting new employees onboard and trained quickly is critical. Most end-users are up and running and ready to go in ½ – 2days on FASCOR’s system.
FASCOR’s dynamic dashboards offer state-of-the-art business intelligence capabilities in real-time. Easily configured to each user’s needs, accessed from anywhere, these realtime, web-based dashboard and reports are fully-customizable to user-specific roles – allowing everyone from management to the shop floor to focus on the metrics that matter most to them.
Real-Time Transactions
Time is money. With FASCOR WMS, data latency issues are eliminated with seamless real-time integrations into virtually any ERP system. Get accurate insights based on up-to-the-second information to make the best-informed decisions, faster than ever before.
Fast Implementation
With our proven FASTRAC implementation methodology developed over our 35 years of implementation experience, combined with our seasoned in-house development team and standard out-of-the-box integrations, FASCOR deployments are done better and faster without the high costs often associated with a WMS and other system implementations.




Advanced Cartonization

Engineered to adapt, grow, & scale

Many of our clients have relied on FASCOR over 20 years to solve their warehousing and distribution challenges. FASCOR solutions are engineered to evolve and scale with you, adapting to support future growth and expansion of facilities and systems.

Using today’s state-of-the-art development technologies including wireless mobile options, FASCOR WMS operates on Microsoft’s Windows family of operating systems and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as its database manager to ensure a powerful, reliable, secure platform for users.


Modular System Design & Flexible Architecture

Our flexible, yet structured system architecture is what makes all the difference.


ERP Agnostic

Unified messaging across all ERP Systems. From homegrown, existing ERP, or a new ERP – FASCOR can adapt to whatever ERP system you choose

Flexible Deployment Options

On-Prem and Hosted solutions available to fit whatever your IT situation is, now and in the future

From start-up to multi-site – or 5 users to hundreds – our system’s flexible foundation allows for expansion while delivering the ability to respond quickly to changes in business objectives, vendor considerations, and ever-changing customer requirements
Mobile Device Compatible

Designed to run on any mobile device that supports Android, Windows or IOS, FASCOR WMS can utilize a variety of hand-held and PC technologies from vendors like Zebra, Honeywell and others and supports Voice-based picking using VoCollect’s industry-leading speech recognition technology

SQL Server Power

Our SQL DB allows us to avoid custom code modifications and to configure our system to your business logic instead of modifying source code. This means lower TCO, faster implementation, and less risk for you

Phased-In Approach

Leveraging FASCOR WMS’ modular design allows for a phased-in implementation strategy if desired

Labeling & Documentation

FASCOR WMS has a robust print engine that is highly-configurable to meet the unique requirements each different customer has and capable of producing virtually any label or documentation required

Automation & Hardware Ready

FASCOR WMS comes integration ready for Sorters, AS/RS Carousels, Conveyors, Pick to Light, Silo Packaging Systems and a variety of other material handling equipment.

The Bottom Line

FASCOR WMS can improve your business operations wherever you’re at in the journey. FASCOR WMS has helped hundreds of businesses to grow sustainably, meet new demands, provide better customer service, improve inventory accuracy, increase productivity within your distribution center, maximize asset and resource utilization to ultimately improve profitability and positively impact the bottom-line.



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